The moment you turn falling in to flying, something changes.

Time has a direction dictated by entropy. Everything is falling apart all the time. Our job is to move in circles of breakdown and re-pair, slowly evolving towards deeper understanding through experiential deep integration of the complexity of it all.

In the same sense we make plans just to see them break down - through their dis-integration they give us a reference point to make sense of world around us. The best way forward, therefor, is in circles - continuously re-visiting, re-calibrating, re-evaluating, re-pairing our plans and objectives.

This is a report to myself on my current thoughts on how we can achieve this in life and in life-serving ways. It is the attempt to make sense of decades of thoughts, work, deliberation, experience, learning in the world, with people, on my own - and to make it understandable to myself and as a result - hopefully - to you.

My goal is neither to be right - i don't believe in truth, hence i can never be right - nor is my goal to convince you of anything. My goal is to engage in an open, transparent, candid dialogue with whoever wants to engage in a life-serving way. My goal is to disambiguate the path of becoming fully circular through developing a deep connection with MOTHER - emancipation from ones roots without falling. Emancipate to fly.

This is complex. The answers to complex questions usually are felt and experienced more than known in propositional ways. This makes it sometimes difficult to trust them - at least if you have been programmed in the (weird) western tradition, like i have. So i break it down into different ways of knowing, building, growing into a structure that can hardly be explained and much more easily felt.

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