Existential Independence (Slight Return)

fullcircle fundamentals

I am coming to a closing of the opening.

I started with a brief exploration into the nature of ourselves and the two interlocking elements - money and politics - that constitute the multipolar trap we find ourselves in.

I continued with the necessary preconditions for breaking the trap, logging out of our current mode of operations, putting deep economic, emotional and intellectual independence center.

I was not alone. Hermann, Gerry, Nina, Falk, Olaf, Simon, Ajola, Clifford, Shahid, Marcus, Keith, Amanda, Daniel, Marcio, Til, Soeren, Daniela, Martin, Ulf, Tram, Galina, Michelle, Govinda, Abdo, Matthias and Lucas joined me from South Africa, Kenya, Australia, USA, Chile, Costa Rica, Mallorca, Switzerland, Germany, Lebanon to make sense and dig deeper in our beautiful multilogues.

I recorded them all and they are part of the growing Roam graph. I am grateful to all of you and everyone else who is encouraging me to continue this experiment!

We will go deeper now.

We will explore how to deeply align our system 1 with our system 2, decode and recode our coding, find out how that feels and where we find ourselves on the other side.

We will explore how weird images of a possible world can become partial reality and how to build our own capacity in the formulation of the strange realities we need in order to survive.

We will explore how to elegantly help the caterpillar dissolve and the butterfly emerge, what we can do in the herenow for the therethen we owe our great-grandchildren.

We will continue to convene, share, listen and learn what it means to search for the right things to do at this crucial intersection of breaking waves, surfing them, rather than wiping out.

On most Tuesdays you will receive an email with a new piece of my mind, filled with everything i have learned from the other minds in this group. On most Tuesdays you have the opportunity to join a multilogue and sometimes unexpected things might happen.

Until we reach the beginning again and go fullcircle.