Free Your Ass And Your Mind Will Follow

Future Articulation

There will be four more future articulation / dreaming sessions before we move on to the next phase of fullcircle.

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In 1970 Parliament Funkadelic recorded their album "Free your mind ... and your ass will follow" which was inspired by something so many artists before and after have attempted "to "see if we can cut a whole album while we're all tripping on acid".

I know some people who have freed their minds to incredible levels, but they are still sitting in the same chair as they were when they started freeing their mind. For some, the chair is meant metaphorically, but the majority literally are sitting in the same chair.

Maybe George Clinton got it all wrong. Maybe the the order of things is to first free ones ass and then allow the mind to follow. This is meant in a very physical sense. If you change perspective, location, position literally and across every aspect of your life, then your mind has no other option than to follow.

To me this is similar to Nora Bateson's idea of "warm data". The cold data we usually feed to machines to detect patterns only makes real sense in context. In the context of the messiness of life - in the context of warm data.

Moving atoms - or asses - adds to the messiness of the world and forces our minds into new sense making and meaning making operations that were not only not accessible before, but more importantly not relevant without the context.

Photo by Francesco Frilli from Pexels