fullcircle principles

first things

Thank you for all of your encouraging and positive responses! In the coming weeks we will begin to weave a web of shared symbols to create a deeper and shared understanding of which kind of world and life we want to see emerging and want to strive, build and sometimes fight for. (also read some more on what i am trying to do here: https://spore.fullcircle.global/p/coming-soon )

Every couple of days i will write and send a short collection of thoughts and ideas as a basis for a shared multilogue in a video call. The resulting thoughts and conversations will be stored in a roam graph for later reference.

My contributions will follow a set path which consists of three elements that contribute to the circular progress towards building economic, emotional, intellectual, existential independence while increasing integration with itself and others. A strange knot.

I call the way of thinking and engaging we are exploring here - fullcircle - as a reminder that there are no straight lines. Every action and thought has an effect in multiple directions and dimensions and must therefor continuously be re-integrated.

But before we begin to follow it’s path to learn how to untie the strange knot, we need to explore some underlying principles to build the rest of the argument.

  • Human Nature

  • Nature of Money

  • Nature of Politics

These will be explored in the coming days, starting with Human Nature.