an interlude...

It is vital for future articulation to drop into a dream state, to drop out of the restrictions of a reality that obviously does not work. Anything else would be insanity.

Doing so is extremely hard. We are embedded in a world created by the executive network, of the left hemisphere, of system two, to name just a few pointers to the complex of brain activity that gave rise to an expansion of the power of our fist from plucking a berry to destroying life on the planet.

This world has made us, each of us individually - at least all of those grown up in a WEIRD (western, educated, industrialised, rich and democratic) world. Our coding resists the necessary distortion of reality for articulating a life affirming version of the world, even at a horizon far out.

The world built on the system two is a world full of complicatedness applied to deal with the adaptive complex systems life has created. These complicated tools are giving rise to new layers of complexity which are entirely human-made but cannot be dealt with anymore by adding more complicatedness.

It is time to combine the enormous ingenuity of our species with our built in capacity for dealing with complexity. As Jeremy Lent lays out beautifully in "The Web Of Meaning", all we need is already there. We just need to balance it.

We need to engage both systems in a dance similar to the most beautiful dance of dichotomies we experience - the dance of two beings falling in love, playful, full of life and mystery.

In order to achieve this, we must both relax and reduce system two and strengthen and nurture system one. The strong pools of attraction around techniques of mindfulness, forms of DMT, indigenous wisdom are all signs of an intuition that has take root in wide areas of our societies that we have to nurture the fullness, completeness of our being in order to raise into a new mode of sense- meaning- and choicemaking towards a good world for all life.

The coming posts will outline a bold, strange and beautiful horizon of a version of the world our hearts know is possible (to paraphrase Charles Eisenstein). This will lay the foundation for an exploration into building blocks of this horizon that already exist today.

This exploration will take the form of a conversation with leading experts, founders, change makers from across the globe. These - as all other conversations in fullcircle - will be recorded and added to the growing (Roam) graph of our shared knowledge.