Future Articulation

Todays question is: How do we manage knowledge? , detailed by three sub-questions:

  • How do we create and identify knowledge? How do we agree and/or disagree on

    what becomes knowledge? How do we agree and/or disagree on processes of

    knowledge creation?

  • How do we agree on dimensions of knowledge?

  • How do we transfer knowledge across the planet and generations while broadening the capacity and maintaining integrity of knowledge?

We allow any expression of the human mind to enter a global distributed storage system, without any restrictions - a process which could be called "ontological flooding", to borrow from Jack Hunter.

Any input - if language based - gets translated in any other language spoken by humans and cross referenced with other pieces of knowledge automatically by a digital system aided by humans.

On top of this vast blob of information, we create - again in collaboration with digital agents - algorithms to make sense of the data and presenting multi perspectival ways of responding to concrete questions.

This leads to an immutable global information space with the capacity for abductive reasoning based on which humans can engage in shared and transparent discourse on which abductions seem more right in a given context than others.

This poses a very intriguing set of questions:

  • What must the infrastructure for such a system look like?

  • How can we build an any to any translation system?

  • How can we define and code the algorithms required?

For all of these points i have at least one person in mind who i will invite into a in depth conversation on the topic. If you want to suggest someone, please do so in the comments, in Roam (if you have access) or on the Discord channel. I have decided, it is time to invite all of us into the possibility for an ongoing conversation as me move towards the more concrete and actionable parts of this journey. So, please join here:

Photo by Jade Ignacio from Pexels