Lucid Living

Future Articulation

Join us tonight to be lucid about question two.

It is not surprising that dreaming is easier when we sleep. Our guards are down.

Before we entered the current configuration of civilisation, humans played with their dreams. We call it lucid dreaming, the act of being conscious as you dream without losing the capacity to let the brain do the magic of dreaming. We have heard of it, possibly practiced it, maybe experienced it.

The sister of lucid dreaming is day dreaming, allowing our brains to come up with things without us interfering, while being awake. Lucid living.

Lucid dreaming and living meet in a spot where two forces meet - the centrifugal energy of letting go and the centripetal energy of control.

Whenever we feel resistance against a thought, we have the option of allowing it - centrifugal energy - or rejecting it - centripetal energy. Usually the gravitational forces of the centripetal energy win. It is easier to stay on the ground than to fly. As a consequence this is exactly what happens: you never fly. Quite literally - if the brothers Wright and the countless other dreamers and inventors of the airplane hadn't allowed themselves to play, to let go to use the power of the centrifugal energy to get into a state of mind-levitation, then you would not get on a plane to hop around the world. You would stay put.

So, let us give ourselves permission to dream. And even further and beyond. Let us give ourselves permission to actively dream, to structure our dreams into becoming reality. It is the only way to fly.

I invite you to dream and play with the second question:

How do we ensure signaling capacity that represents needs and desires of individuals in a balanced way? This serves as a binding modality between organising supply and societal decision making processes.

PS: you can find all questions here.

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels