Future Articulation Product

How do we cultivate conditions for individuals to develop a strong and evolving sense of coherence within themselves? This includes the capacity to make sense of the world, capacity to take action and a purpose beyond the individual.

As we have learned from historical indications as well as from work done in the field of developmental psychology, we know that this is both possible and has positive effects on the individual and society.

As a result working on tightening the loop between System One and System Two is a fundamental responsibility of every human being. This is measured in the increase of both complexity and coherence in brain patterns.

This is coupled with the responsibility of having, being aware of and being able to communicate a clear horizon for ones individual actions in the world as this informs the directionality of the tightened loop and the increase in awareness.

As more members of society grow through the layers of meaning-, sense- and choice-making, this becomes reflected in the way we set up our cultural institutions, forming a positive virtuous feedback loop between the individual and the collective.

The questions here are obvious:

  • What are proven psychotechnologies to increase mindset complexity?

  • What are proven methods for cultivating meaning in life?

  • How can we measure mindset complexity?

And again, i have people in mind who might have answers to these questions who i will invite into shared dialogue. If you have suggestions, please let me know - here in the comments of join our discord. https://discord.gg/s3ezU33362