NPCs staring at headlights

Future Articulation

The set of artefacts and agreements we call reality are the result of dreaming. People who have the courage to dream and the tenacity and grit to work on making these dreams come true are what Samo Burja calls Live Players, what i heard Jamie Wheal refer to as the opposite of NPCs (non player characters), what Sam Conniff calls a Pirate.

Dreamers go off script. No, beyond and further. They write their own script. Dreamers are courageous, weird by definition. Dreamers change the way systems work, they don't innovate - they nurture the evolution of emergence, they don't revolutionise - they start an entirely new rotation.

NPCs, Dead Players, Rationalists, Realists can operate on high levels of mindset complexity, but the software they run on their potentially complex minds has been written by someone else. It would be easy to say that they lack the skills, the will or the balls to write their own. What they lack is the muscle that allows a person to change perspective, change mind, change script.

This muscle can be trained - in the coming sessions we will train this muscle. We will dream.

The rules are very simple. Each week one courageous dreamer from our midst will invite us into his or her dream for about 30-45 minutes after which we begin to ask questions. Questions with the intent of understanding the dream more deeply, questions that facilitate growth and learning, no-bullshit questions .

I will not disclose the identity of the dreamer prior to the conversation nor after, but i will report on the session and the dream. Join us for the first dream on May 11th at 17:30 CET

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels