Future Articulation Product

How do we nurture the body? How do we grow healthy bodies? How do we keep them healthy and how do we reinstate health once and if it breaks down?

We are part of nature, we become our environment, literally. Embedded in a healthy environment, our microbiome will adapt. It will be able to break down what the environment has to offer into everything our bodies need to thrive. This has worked for millennia and it will continue to work.

There is no better sensor for the health and the needs of our own body than our own body. It conveys its messages in emotions and feelings that guide us in our actions. The wider the knowledge base of our bodies, the better the signalling.

In other words: show your body as many nutrients as possible, immerse yourself in their taste, the texture, to anchor the nutrients with a clear sense, a feeling. If you do that often enough, your body will show you what it needs.

This works to grow a healthy body and it works to bring a body that has been thrown off balance back into balance, unless the trauma is too deep - or the trauma has been inflicted by external force. In such cases we can revert to the power of science.

While science cannot begin to embrace the complexity of an entire living organism, it can serve to heal more limited problems. We will have learned to activate regrowth of some parts of the body, some others can be grown in a petri dish, while microorganisms specifically designed for the task can heal internal and external wounds effectively and with precision.

Yes, some of this has not been invented yet, but all of it is being worked on. There are several questions emerging that i would love to explore with great minds:

  • How can we support our bodies to adapt to new environments and what they have to offer?

  • What is the state of the art of activating growth in living organisms and growing body parts and organs?

  • What can be said about healing the body with the help of engineered microorganisms?

And again, i have people in mind who might have answers to these questions who i will invite into shared dialogue. If you have suggestions, please let me know - here in the comments of join our discord.