Sourcing, Refining, Distributing

Future Articulation

When a child is born she receives a box. It contains all the seeds for plants that will feed, dress and house her in her life - it also contains vials of microorganisms she can cultivate into various materials she might need in her life.

As she grows up, she gradually learns how to cultivate the seeds and microbes, how to ensure, she only uses what she needs and to create a stash for tough times. She will also learn to contribute to the group and to support members of the group.

The contents of the box, procedures of cultivation and sharing depend on the climate and the bioregion she is born into. As Tyson Yunkaporta tirelessly points out - the land creates the people - Water-Land gives rise to different people than Stone- oder Tree-Land.

As she grows older she discovers that she enjoys creating and cultivating some things much more than others. She might also notice that the other people in her group share much of her passions and that neighbouring groups have complementing passions and skills. While she and her group know very well how to entirely care for themselves, they engage in trade with the surrounding groups for things these can create much better.

When she cannot find what she needs in her bioregion, she logs onto the globum. The globum could best be compared to a city, just that it does not exist physically - it is a way to connect with any other human on the planet for any kind of exchange. It is an incredibly exciting place (and we will read more about it in a later post). By connecting with other people via the globum, she has acquired several possessions that would have been impossible to come buy or produce in her bioregion.

They found their way to her with the help of a distributed network of drones specialising in water-, air- or land based transport. These drones usually find her and deliver the goods directly to her. Whenever she is not available, the drop them off at the central logistics spot which is where she also sends things off she she has made for other people.

Just like with any other product, the shared logistics-, hosting- and communications infrastructure are created and maintained in a distributed way with all communities taking their share of responsibility.

To take the first step into learning how to build this dream, i will invite world-leading experts on the following questions:

  • How can we re-learn the "lore of the land"?

  • How can we use microorganisms for generating new materials?

  • How do we build and maintain a global logistics network?

  • How do we build and maintain a global communications infrastructure?

For all of these question i have at least one person in mind who i will invite into a in depth conversation on the topic. If you want to suggest someone, please do so in the comments, in Roam (if you have access) or on the Discord channel. I have decided, it is time to invite all of us into the possibility for an ongoing conversation as me move towards the more concrete and actionable parts of this journey. So, please join here:

Photo by Daniela Constantini from Pexels