Swimming Against Evolution

Future Articulation

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There is a school of thought that argues that Neanderthals maybe were smarter than Sapiens. Even if we dismiss this out of the hubris that comes with the name we have given ourselves, we cannot dismiss the evidence that they were capable of arts and crafts at least at the level of our predecessors at the time. Added to that, they certainly were stronger than we are.

So why did evolution choose Sapiens over Neanderthals? What if evolution did not select for any singular species, but instead for a modus operandi, for culture? What if evolution selected for collaboration? - something which Neanderthals seem to have been poor at.

Collaboratively Sapiens have constructed a game that points the cultural trajectory towards competition, away from collaboration. In this, we have created a situation which makes it more likely for evolution to sort us out - unless we step up towards conscious civilisation and culture design in a collaborative, species-level manner.

This is the biggest project yet for humanity. Definitely larger than going to Mars, but not larger than Sapiens working together.

Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels