The Body


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You are a colony. Your body is a swamp-city perfect for microorganisms to thrive. And the more they thrive, the more the host thrives.

While we can get all nerdy about details and protocols, there are three fundamental ways to nurture the colony of you: feed them well, give them rest and movement.

What you should eat depends a lot on your microbiome. While you can alter its composition, it is largely set and defined during the first couple of years of life. By choosing what we feed the micro-organisms in our gut, we choose which ones thrive - and those in turn either make us healthy or sick. It would be ridiculous to even try to begin to outline this in more detail here - so a pointer to one of my favorite books must suffice: Steven Gundry "The Longevitiy Paradox"

Your Mitochondria - the indigenous part of your population - suffers if you don't sleep well, resulting in energy loss. Loss of sleep also reduces the garbage collection functions of your body. Combine the two and your body will soon be like New York City in a black out while the garbage collectors are on strike: no lights but smelly.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger - our body is antifragile. It needs stress to thrive. The right doses of cold, oxygen deprivation, hunger, movement and other forms of stress will more than double the number of Mitochondria in your cells, providing all the energy you will ever need to thrive.

Doing all of the above alone will reap large benefits. Doing them with with a village will unlock hidden superpowers

If none of this surprised you, it is because you are in conversation with your body. It tells you what it needs. But do you listen?