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Tools for the mind. What probably comes to mind is a a series of optimisation strategies for faster reading, better retention, sharper decision making. But this is like tuning your car to go faster and further. Yes, it will be able to do those things, but it still depends on the driver to steer it in the right direction.

Can you change your mind? Yes, you can. You have experienced yourself changing your mind about something in mid-sentence. For example that Strawberry ice-cream that turned into Coconut.

Tools for the mind, for putting yourself into the driver seat of your mind. Tools for shaping the machinery of the choice making process of your own mind, so it makes the choices You want and need it to make to go in the direction You want.

The "You" i have been referring to is the 5% of your daily choice making capacity. The rest is under the hood. The rest is what needs tuning in accordance to the structures and planning capacity of the "You".

Getting there is a recursive three step process:

1) Get clear on the shape of choice-making You want your subconscious to adopt. Deathing is a great tool for this. As far as we know, death is the end of your activity on earth, including choice-making. So, the sum of all your choices between now and your death will define how content you will be at the time of your death.

In other words: be very clear about the specifics of how you want that moment to be. There is no judge of the quality of that moment, better than you. You want to be a hero? Be a hero. You want to be a villain? Be a villain. You want to be happy? Be happy.

But be concrete. Write it down. Share it with others. Make yourself accountable. AND allow yourself to change it if it needs to be changed as the world around you changes.

2) Make space in your subconscious by clearing out old heuristics. This is where most of us get stopped in our tracks. How do we access something, we don't know is there? Let's call it Overviewing. It is the act of stepping outside of the system and observing it, without judgement.

Every time you feel something, for instance, this feeling points towards a knot in the complexity of the world. These knots are useful to make sense of things without being overwhelmed. Follow the feeling all the way down to the knot and decide whether it is helpful. If not, untie it.

You can evoke this process by creating a space of true authenticity. A place in which you can express yourself without boundaries and repercussions. Take a piece of paper and write. Write whatever your hand, your mind, your heart wants to let out. Some of it will hurt. Some of it will surprise. Follow those feelings and untie the knots, if necessary. And then destroy the paper. Burn it. Ensure that there will never be a witness of your writing. Not your spouse, your sister, your mother. No-one.

3) Put in the new code and repeat. This is called education. Educate yourself on the patterns and heuristics You want your mind to use. Education works by repetition. Ensure that you cannot escape reminders of the new code you want to put into your mind.

You can use a bracelet or necklace to write your new code onto it - wearing it will remind your mind of its contents. It is like USB stick for the mind.

These steps are intertwined and recursive - and they are not the truth. They are my truth because they work for me. What works for you?