The Soul


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I imagine that the Soul happens between the Body and the Mind like electricity flows between poles. A force that is generated through connection of the diametrically opposed poles of the physical and the virtual where the virtual in this case is the models our brain uses to represent the portion of physical reality relevant to humans. Best described by Joscha Bach (roughly at the two hour mark).

A couple of years ago i designed a protocol to test this hypothesis. The idea was to see what happens when removing the Mind and the Body as much as possible. It works as follows:

Take three days off. Send your family on vacation, switch off all communication channels and give your phones and computers to your family before they leave. (if you don't have a family, make one, find one or improvise). Make sure to have a stash of food that lasts three days and a pile of paper along with some pens.

Your focus on day one is to write down everything you can possibly write down. Whatever comes to your mind, write it down. Make lists, write poems, word-clouds, make it structured, unstructured, in categories, different colours.... whatever it takes. Your focus is to offload any and everything that possibly can be verbalised onto paper. Think of it like emptying your mind of words. Almost to the point of unlearning words. No words left in your mind. Write like your were obsessed, until nothing comes up anymore.

On day two, you reach into the space below your thoughts. The space of feelings and emotions. Your only job today is to feel and express and act out all and any feeling and emotion that wants to be expressed. Cry, Shout, Laugh, Feel like you are insane, Sing, Whimper, Shake, Moan...., Whatever your body wants to do, let it do it. Let go, no one is watching, no one is judging. Feel the nuanced layers of different kinds of anger, love, frustration, sadness and let them happen and unfold.

Do anything you need to do except reach out to other people. Stay inside, keep your phones and computers off and away (a couple of hundred kilometres would be optimal) and DON'T communicate. If anything, write down, what you want to say to whom for later use. Any words or sentences that might still drip out of your mind, put them on paper, just to be sure. Let them go. - And then see what you find below your feelings.

Over the years i have had the most stunning experiences. I don't have words to describe what happened when i peeled back these layers and watched what emerged. What i can say is that i have never experienced deeper clarity. Ever.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels