The Wounded Soul Principle

Steering Adaptation Principles

Cutting through the noise of naysayers and here-now in general while building towards a good world is not always easy. One way of solving this issue is by entirely reframing what one is doing. The most radical reframing to date might be the quest for populating other planets.

While populating a dead planet like Mars might seem entirely irrelevant to any earthly challenge, it allows to rethink and rebuild the entire civilisatory infrastructure from scratch without having to answer to naysayers or the here-now.

And - as it turns out - this infrastructure could be very useful for a dying species on a burning planet as well.

Instead of using a dead planet as a frame, one could use the healing of the wounded soul as a frame. We all know we have one - wounded soul - and we all would like for it to be healed.

What in the world needs to change to heal a wounded soul? What in the world needs to change to prevent wounded souls? If you allow yourself to follow these questions in the fullest truth you can muster, you will find that: everything.

This makes the wounded soul a useful frame. Therefor it will be the guiding principle in the quest of finding and showing ways that are already part of the here-now for building a there-then in which wounded souls are a thing of the past.