I want to invite you into a conversation around what comes next. As our global social and ecological ecosystems are continuing to collapse we have the opportunity and responsibility to feel the pain and the joy that comes with growing, to think deeply about the herenow and the therethen, act boldly act on what we find. Together.

In this series of articles - fullcircle - i am beginning to explore what this might mean. My hope is that this will evolve from a monologue into many multilogues and even more action. During the next couple of weeks i will lay out some of the underlying ideas i have found over the years.

At that point, the purpose of this publication will be fulfilled and we will move on to exploring and widening the content using roam, discord and other means of cohering and sense-making.

I have no idea where this will take us, but i know it is the best use of my time and energy towards creating a world we can pass on to our children in good faith - and i look forward to welcoming you in this journey!